'Liar and coward' Jim Jordan obliterated in epic blast by furious CNN legal analyst

On CNN Saturday, Ohio criminal defense attorney and legal analyst Richard Herman blew up over the new allegations surrounding Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for his role in the Ohio State University wrestling team sexual abuse scandal.

"Richard, if the accusation is true, that Congressman Jim Jordan asked students to keep quiet, what's the legal road ahead?" asked anchor Fredricka Wilson.

"Well, that's just evidence of guilt," said Herman. "How could he have not known? Seriously. He was a wrestling coach for about ten years at Ohio State when this animal doctor was doing this. You know, if you're a wrestling coach, it's like family with your wrestlers. This doctor was targeting the wrestling team. He spoke with the wrestlers. They spoke in the locker room. He shared a locker with the wrestlers. Everybody knew what what has going on at Ohio State. The wrestlers thought it was hazing. They weren't sure what this was all about. Yet they complained, they told him. There are so many instances, Fred, of not only students but a referee going up to Jordan and telling him."

"And what did he do?" continued Herman. "This man filled with fake rage, who takes his jackets off and screams and yells but doesn't say anything ... sorry, he is from Ohio, but that's what he does. Where is his rage now, Fred? Where is his rage now of what was going on at his institution? He's a liar and a coward, Fred. I will say it to his face. He can call me anytime. A liar and a coward."

"Of the 350 victims that have come forward as of now and the 1,500 acts of criminal assault on these young men, the deep pocket is the university," added Herman. "What did they know? When did they know? The university commissioned an internal investigation and the investigation results found that the university knew what was going on. They knew this doctor was conducting and carrying on and violating these students and they did nothing. And that's the liability ... their own investigation revealed they did know and they did nothing, and that's why this guy, Jordan, has zero integrity. He was charged to protect these students that he coached and he turned his back on them and he did nothing to protect them. Ten years, Fred. It is not one or two cases. 350 students. He did nothing! He's a coward."

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