'Straight out of East Germany': Columnist rips Republicans for 'grotesque' protection of Trump
Donald Trump AFP/File / Nicholas Kamm

In a scorching column for The Daily Beast, correspondent Michael Tomasky laid into Republicans for their move to bury the evidence against President Donald Trump — and give him a green light to abuse his power in any way he wants.

"This is straight out of East Germany," wrote Tomasky. "Yes, there was a 'trial.' But the jury was also the judge. The judge was just for show. The jury voted against hearing witnesses, even as one eyewitness was, at the very moment of the jury’s deliberations, veritably screaming that he had first-hand evidence of guilt!"

Tomasky continued: "And for good measure, the night before the acquittal, just to remind the rest of us that we can all go fuck ourselves forever, just to spray that little extra measure of piss on the Constitution, the jury took an occasion of state that’s supposed to be free of campaign politics and turned it into a grotesque exaltation-fest, chanting 'Four more years!' as if they were at a party rally."

"Let's examine the precedent being established here that goes beyond Trump. It’s harrowing. Absofuckinglutely harrowing," wrote Tomasky. "A future president does what Trump did — or something worse that we can’t even imagine. Maybe it’s far worse — maybe it’s a completely unambiguous crime. But the president felt it served his political interests. Well, under the Dershowitz principle that the Senate just voted to accept, that’s fine. Anything is fine. Indeed, precisely because the president did it in furtherance of his political fortunes, it definitionally cannot be a crime. And that president’s lawyers will argue exactly that."

"Remember this date," concluded Tomasky. "However long this country lasts, it will be a dark one, and one that the historians who write this nation’s obituary will certainly mark."

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