Texas cops ask local addicts to bring in their meth so it can be purportedly tested for coronavirus

Police in Texas are trying to scare local addicts into bringing their drug stashes to the law enforcement officials so that they can be purportedly tested for coronavirus contamination.

Local news station KCRG reports that Johnson City Police Department posted a notice on its Facebook page warning locals about the possibility that methamphetamine batches being sold in Blanco County have supposedly been infected by coronavirus.

"If you have meth with you, please get it tested prior to use," the department informs local meth heads. "If you prefer to keep your meth in the privacy of your own home you may contact Blanco County Dispatch … and have an officer come to your house to test your meth for contamination."

Many meth users might be suspicious that the coronavirus test offer is just a sneaky way for police to seize their drugs, and KCRG reports that "there was no immediate word on whether anyone had taken authorities up on their offer."