Texas man assaulted girlfriend for speaking Spanish: police affidavit
Woman crying on bench (Shuttertstock)

A Texas man has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend for speaking Spanish.

Local news station Fox 7 Austin reports that 46-year-old Rogelio Moreno Lara was charged this week with "continuous violence," a third-degree felony, for his alleged assault against his girlfriend, who told police that he has regularly demanded that she only speak English.

According to Fox 7 Austin, the woman told police that Lara earlier this month "got up from the living room couch and got on top of her on the bed and grabbed her head by her hair with two hands and shook her head while telling her not to speak Spanish anymore." She also said that "he pulled her hair for about 15 seconds and slapped her once."

The woman then texted a friend and asked her to call 911 on her behalf, as she was too scared of doing so herself.

Lara denied pulling the woman's hair or slapping her, but he did tell police that the two got into an argument because he believed that she was talking with a former boyfriend.