Wealthy businessman gets probation for repeatedly slamming wife’s head into pavement
Jeffrey Couch

A wealthy Ohio businessman avoided prison for violently assaulting his wife during an argument.

Jeffrey Couch, of West Chester, pleaded guilty last month to aggravated assault and was sentenced to five years of community control and 100 hours of community service, reported WLWT-TV.

The owner of RV Nation and his wife got into an argument after returning home in March 2019 after a night of drinking, and prosecutors said Couch snapped.

"As a result of him snapping, there was an assault that ended up with the imprint of Shelley Couch's head on an asphalt driveway in two places," said Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser.

Prosecutors also say a witness to the attack has been the victim of an intimidation campaign through social media.

Couch's wife told police he punched her in the face multiple times and slammed her head into the paved driveway, causing serious injury.

West Chester police chief Joel Herzog asked a high-ranking official at the Butler County Sheriff’s Office to visit Couch "as a friend" while he was still in jail, reported WXIX-TV.

But Sheriff Richard Jones was alarmed by the request -- which he rejected and then notified prosecutors.

Couch told arresting officers that he knew the police chief and other law enforcement officials, according to body camera video of the incident.

The first four judges in the case recused themselves without publicly stating a reason, but Judge Michael Oster oversaw the guilty plea and sentenced Couch, who was allowed to move back into his home in a gated golf course community while serving probation.

He was ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device on his ankle to detect the presence of alcohol.