Whoops! Federal government agency celebrates ‘All Our Presidents Past and Future’

The Environmental Protection Agency is one of several federal government agencies that are "celebrating" Presidents' Day this year, but unlike others, it appears to have left out President Donald Trump.

"EPA joins the nation this #PresidentsDay in celebrating all our presidents past and future," a tweet posted by the agency Monday morning reads.

Presidents' Day is widely used to honor Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but in recent years has been expanded to include all of America's presidents.

It's unlikely this is an intentional slight against President Trump. EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is an attorney who opposes government working to fight climate change. He once represented a coal magnate, and lobbied against President Barack Obama's environmental regulations. He also served as chief counsel to a Senate committee chaired by top anti-science and climate denier lawmaker Jim Inhofe, and even served as the vice president of the Washington Coal Club.

But no worries, President Trump in his usual fashion has managed to make up for it by making the day all about him – and only him:

Image by USEPA Environmental-Protection-Agency via Flickr