‘Woefully out-of-touch’: Mike Bloomberg burned to the ground over Flint, Michigan complaints
Michael Bloomberg (Photo: Screen capture)

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2020 presidential campaign was criticized for being out-of-touch on the topic of Flint, Michigan on Monday.

The city of over 100,000 people has been in a state of emergency over lead contamination in the drinking water supply.

But Bloomberg's campaign on Monday complained about a piece of posterboard with the slogan "eat the rich" posted on the window of their office in Flint.

Bloomberg is one of the richest people on earth, with an estimated net worth of over $60 billion. Bloomberg spent heavily to reelect then-Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) -- who has been widely blamed for Flinto's water crisis.

The campaign was harshly criticized for their choice of complaints about what is going on in Flint.

Here's some of what people were saying as "Flint" trended nationwide on Twitter.