6 Kansas City councilmembers quarantine themselves after possible coronavirus exposure: report
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On Tuesday, the Kansas City Star reported that six members of Kansas City council — half of the entire body — is going into quarantine after possible exposure to coronavirus.

"The National League of Cities informed at least two council members that they might have been exposed at the organization’s Congressional City Conference held last week in Washington, D.C., the members said," wrote Allison Kite. "In a statement on its website, NLC said two attendees tested positive for the illness. Several other council members could not immediately be reached for comment. Some other council members who did not attend have also reported being under self-quarantine, including Councilman Eric Bunch, who posted on Twitter Monday."

According to the Star, "The council’s Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee was expected to vote on several ordinances Wednesday making up the city’s budget" and "the full council was expected to meet Thursday," but with six members absent, "some committees could end up without enough members for a quorum." Some of the quarantined members, however, are expected to participate in council meetings by videoconference.

Councilman Dan Fowler, one of those under quarantine, said that he was only taking the measure out of an abundance of caution, and that he considers it unlikely he has the virus.

“Everybody at that conference was washing their hands and using hand sanitizers,” said Fowler. “Nobody was shaking hands. I think we were being about as safe as you can be.”

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