Alex Jones' app kicked off Android store for promoting coronavirus misinformation
Alex Jones (Youtube)

On Friday, WIRED reported that Google has banned far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' Infowars Android app from the Play store, for promoting misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic.

"The takedown [came] on the heels of a video, posted in the Infowars app last week and viewed by WIRED, in which Jones disputed the need for social distancing, shelter in place, and quarantine efforts meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus," said the report. "Google confirmed to WIRED that it removed the app on Friday. The app had more than 100,000 downloads according to Google Play's published metrics, and was rated 'E10+,' meaning safe for all users 10 and older. The Infowars app sold products like supplements and protein powder, broadcast The Alex Jones Show live, and posted videos and articles from Jones and others."

The iOS version of the app was banned by Apple in 2018. Google, however, has until today kept the Android version up and available for download.

Jones, a supporter and mutual admirer of President Donald Trump, has used his Infowars platform for years to boost theories including that the government is placing mind-control chemicals in tap water and that the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged with crisis actors. His operation is largely funded by the sale of his own personal line of dietary supplements and similar products, which he bills as a line of defense against many of the hidden dangers to society he discusses on his show.