Alex Jones ordered to pay an additional $20,000 in Sandy Hook defamation case
InfoWars host Alex Jones. (Image via screengrab)

Right-wing firebrand Alex Jones has had a slew of legal troubles lately. Not only did a judge tell him to stop trying to sell miracle coronavirus cures, he recently lost an appeal of his case against Sandy Hook parents, the Huffington Post reported.

Jones alleged consistently that Sandy Hook never happened and took his conspiracy theory to an outright war against the families who lost their children. Some were forced to move for their own protection.

The families have sued Jones for defamation and while the case hasn't appeared before a jury, Jones now owes nearly $150,000 in legal fees.

"The Texas Court of Appeals sided with Sandy Hook father Neil Heslin, who for years has been attacked by conspiracy theorists who falsely claim the school shooting in which 20 children and six adults were killed never happened," said the Post.

Jones appealed, with a request the suit on the grounds that it was “frivolous,” but he lost the effort. He was then ordered to to pay $22,250 in attorney fees.

“It is rare to see a legal defense so incompetent and disrespectful to the rule of law that it causes a defendant to rack up $150,000 in fines during preliminary motions before even reaching trial,” said attorney Mark Bankston, who is representing Heslin. “These fines are only the beginning. A far greater reckoning awaits Mr. Jones.”

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