Brutal chart shows how Trump's widely panned coronavirus address immediately tanked the stock market
An angry Donald Trump screams during one of his speeches (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's widely panned coronavirus address, in which he barely mentioned America's testing capabilities and instead announced a travel ban on Europe, did more than just make Americans feel increasingly uneasy about his response to the pandemic.

Joe Weisenthal of Bloomberg Businessweek has posted a chart showing how Trump's address on Wednesday night immediately sent stock market futures into a tailspin.

Although S&P futures were already pointing downward by early Wednesday evening, they immediately plummeted by an additional 100 points at 9:00 p.m. E.T., which was the exact time when Trump began talking.

The stock market on Wednesday had already officially entered into a "bear market," which means that stocks had lost more than 20 percent from their peak value. If futures markets are any indication, that financial carnage will continue on Thursday after the president addressed the nation in order to project a sense of calm.

See the chart for yourself below.