CNN's Manu Raju debunks GOP claims that unemployment benefits in coronavirus relief bill are a 'drafting error'
CNN's Manu Raju -- screengrab

On CNN Wednesday, congressional correspondent Manu Raju swatted down the claim from Sens. Rick Scott (R-FL), Ben Sasse (R-NE), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that the temporary unemployment benefit increase in the $2 trillion stimulus bill was a "drafting error."

"Are these three Republican senators saying that the bill might incentivize companies to lay off workers because the unemployment benefits are too generous?" said anchor Jake Tapper. "Explain what is going on here."

"That is exactly what they're saying," said Raju. "They're contending it is a drafting error, but it is not a drafting error. This is negotiated by Republican senators and the White House and Democratic senators, who believe that it is essentially necessary. They don't think that it would lead to layoffs. In fact, this is a temporary enhanced unemployment benefit for those that do lose their job."

"The question is how far are they willing to take this and drag this out for days, which they could do under the Senate rules, and prevent final passage for several days," added Raju. "They are not saying they're willing to go that far. I pressed all of them about that. They said they want a vote, an amendment vote to try to change that. So if that goes down, which it probably will, will they allow for quick passage of the measure? That is uncertain. That is one of a number of wrinkles that continue to come up through the course of the day as they try to push this massive far-reaching historic measure through Congress."

Watch below: