‘Coward as usual’: Marco Rubio goes down in flames trying to undermine media's coronavirus reporting

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tried to play both sides of the partisan split on coronavirus -- and got blasted as a "coward."

The Florida Republican admitted the viral outbreak was not a "conspiracy to hurt the president," as Trump has hinted and conservative broadcasters have suggested, but in the next breath blamed the media for overhyping the risks.

"#COVID19 is NOT part of a conspiracy to hurt the President. It is a real threat that will disrupt our economy & our daily lives," Rubio tweeted. "But at a time when we need people to believe truth the media is undermining its credibility with many by covering this as a partisan political issue."

Other social media users bashed Rubio for undercutting his own argument, even as some GOP lawmakers self-quarantine after exposure to the virus at the CPAC event.