Elderly DUI suspect spits on officer after arrest — then claims to have coronavirus
Brenda Johnson spit on officer coronavirus (Photo: Mugshot)

An elderly woman in Arvada, Colorado was arrested under the suspicion that she was driving while under the influence when she spat on the arresting officer. The woman then claimed to have COVID-19, Fox31 Denver reported.

The officer responded to the call early Sunday morning after reports of a driver colliding with four cars. Officers tracked the woman to a 7-Eleven in the area, where they identified her as Brenda Johnson. She was arrested for a DUI and other traffic charges.

It was later while she was being held in a local detoxification center that she began spitting on the arresting officer.

“There’s some Corona for you, now all you need is a lime," Johnson shouted at him.

Johnson was then taken back to the police department and booked on second-degree assault of a peace officer, which is a felony.

The officer is now following health department guidelines to ensure he is safe if the woman did have the virus.

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