Expectant mom in quarantine ranks Trump among her top coronavirus worries: ‘I have no faith in the current administration’
President Donald Trump welcomed a court decision that allows military funds to be used to build the US-Mexico border wall (AFP Photo/CHIP SOMODEVILLA)

Jessica Speigel has a lot of worries on her mind.

She's six months pregnant with a baby with a rare heart defect, and now the Seattle-area tech worker has placed herself into quarantine to avoid contact with the coronavirus outbreak sweeping across her state, reported the Seattle Times.

One of the last things she needs to worry about is President Donald Trump's handling of the health crisis, but that's chief among the 39-year-old mother-to-be's concerns.

“I worry about access to the right medical care when it’s time for us to give birth,” Speigel told the newspaper. “But I’m more worried about the [government] response right now. If this actually becomes an epidemic across the U.S. I have no faith in the current administration’s ability to deal with it.”

The president spends his mornings praising himself on Twitter and lashing out at the media for reporting on the COVID-19 outbreak, but Spiegel said the situation is worrisome.

Speigel and her partner have bought enough groceries to last a couple of weeks, and they're taking "common-sense precautions" to avoid contact with potentially infected individuals.

For example, she won't attend the Seattle Sounders pro soccer game, but she'll watch the game with a small group at a friend's house and try to focus on the positives in her life.

“Isolation can be bad for your mental health, too,” Speigel said. “You have to think about what’s more risky — isolating or possibly exposing yourself to this virus by going outside of your house, so I’m just trying to be stable.”