Internet stunned after 'sociopath' Trump brags his pandemic press conferences are getting ratings like 'The Bachelor' finale
President Donald Trump. (AFP / Jim WATSON)

As part of a three-tweet attack on the "lamestream media" Donald Trump made a point of bragging that the daily press conferences on the coronavirus pandemic that he has taken over are getting ratings similar to Monday Night Football and "The Bachelor" finales.

According to the president's tone-deaf tweet issued when the mortality rate from the COVID-19 virus is accelerating, "Because the 'Ratings' of my News Conferences etc. are so high, 'Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers' according to the @nytimes, the Lamestream Media is going CRAZY. 'Trump is reaching too many people, we must stop him.' said one lunatic. See you at 5:00 P.M.!"

That prompted a fast and furious response from commenters who are hunkered down in their homes over health concerns across the country.