‘Moron’ Trump shredded for claiming coronavirus ‘snuck up on us’ -- one day after insisting he always knew it was a pandemic
President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump faced mockery after claiming the coronavirus caught his administration off guard -- after claiming he had always known it was a pandemic.

The president claimed Tuesday that he'd always been aware of the outbreak's threat to public health, and praised himself the following morning on Twitter for taking the coronavirus seriously.

But then he claimed the outbreak, which scientists have been watching with alarm since it originated three months ago in China, caught him by surprise.

"I call it the unseen the unseen enemy, there's a thousand different terms for it, but it snuck up on us," Trump said, "and it's in 128 countries, I think it's in something like that, very close to that. think of that. So it spreads violently it's a very contagious, very, very contagious virus for America to be on a wartime footing, in terms of fighting this virus."

The president's claims met an instant and furious fact check.