Obama’s Ebola czar says coronavirus cases — and deaths — will explode in the next few weeks
Coronavirus Testing

In an interview with Yahoo News' "Skullduggery" podcast, President Barack Obama's former Ebola czar Ronald Klain painted a dire picture of the next few weeks — and warned that both the number of confirmed cases and the number of deaths will blow up soon, with no decline in cases until May.

“We’re really at the inflection point here, where this disease is really going to explode in the U.S.,” said Klain, adding that he believes new cases will “accelerate further as we finally start to put some testing on the line and we start to really understand how big a problem we have — and I think it’s a very big problem.”

“Particularly right now, at the end of flu season, things like ventilators, respirators, emergency room beds, care for respiratory patients — it’s already straining the system, and then you add hundreds of thousands of intensely ill patients to that and we’re going to see dire consequences in our hospitals,” said Klain. “We’re going to see that in terms of hospitals running out of beds to treat patients.”

Klain, who was appointed in 2014 to handle the Ebola crisis, said that it was too late to contain the virus, and our choice is between a severe spike in cases that overloads hospitals, and a drawn-out crisis that is manageable but lasts for months.

“We’re in this mess because we didn’t do enough to prepare for this mess when we had ample warning signs that it was coming,” he said.

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