Public TV station launches ‘at-home learning response to school closures’ amid coronavirus crisis
KQED's Michael Krasney (Facebook)

School districts in California's largest cities have closed due to COVID-19 coronavirus fears, but one public television has an innovated idea to help students learn while staying at home.

"As part of an unprecedented collaboration with PBS So Cal/KCET in Southern California, KQED is launching an at-home learning response to school closures for all children and youth in California," KQED announced.

"This response includes a new educational schedule for broadcast on KQED Plus in the Bay Area as well as free digital content for at-home learning and support for teachers and parents navigating this new learning landscape throughout the state," the station explained.

"KQED will begin broadcasting a California state standards-aligned educational television schedule, created by PBS SoCal/KCET and the Los Angeles Unified School District. This TV schedule was developed to help schools and districts bridge the digital divide and provide equitable access to learning for all students at home, regardless of access to internet or computers," the station explained.