‘Say no to the Nazi‘: Illinois GOP scrambles to crush the candidacy of Holocaust-denying Republican
Illinois neo-Nazi and GOP congressional nominee Arthur Jones. Image via screengrab.

The Illinois Republican Party has an avowed neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier running to represent its 3rd Congressional District, and its doing everything it can to stop him.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Illinois GOP is launching a late primary five-figure ad blitz against Arthur Jones, in a clear effort to avoid embarrassment once again after he won the 3rd District GOP nomination unopposed in 2018. Jones ultimately lost the general election to Democrat Dan Lipinski.

“Arthur Jones isn’t a Republican, and we’re going to expose people to who he really is and do everything we can to educate Republicans not to vote for Arthur Jones,” state GOP Chairman Tim Schneider said. “We’re going to do everything we can to distance ourselves from this Neo-Nazi who is running as a Republican.”

The Illinois GOP is throwing their support behind Will County Board Member Mike Fricilone, framing him as an anti-Jones candidate.

According to the Sun-Times, Jones collected 844 signatures to get on the ballot, surpassing the 600-mark for signatures to get approved.

“We have plans to spend upwards of $50,000, and as more money is raised, that money will go directly to defeating Nazi Arthur Jones,” party spokesman Joe Hackler said.