Trump rages against Vanity Fair for 'phony & boring hit piece' outlining his paranoid response to coronavirus
Several of US President Donald Trump's immigration policies hvae been blocked in court (AFP Photo/Olivier Douliery)

President Donald Trump lashed out at longtime antagonist Vanity Fair magazine over its recent reporting of his response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Journalist Garbriel Sherman reported that Trump and his team were struggling to control the narrative and calm the jittery markets, and the president was "melting down" and telling aides that reporters might intentionally try to contract the virus and infect him during their chats on Air Force One.

"Vanity Fair Magazine, which will soon be out of business, and their third rate Fake reporters, who make up sources which don’t exist, wrote yet another phony & boring hit piece," Trump tweeted. "The facts are just the opposite. Our team is doing a great job with CoronaVirus!"

Trump has long raged against Vanity Fair, which has covered the lifestyles of the rich and famous for decades before he was born, after the magazine's longtime editor infamously dubbed him a "short-fingered vulgarian."