Trump supporter Carter Page is ‘calling for reparations’ — to go to conservatives: ‘People do have to pay for this’
Former Trump campaign aide Carter Page (image via screengrab).

Former Donald Trump campaign advisor Carter Page called for reparations on Fox News, but not the kind generally discussed.

There is a movement in America to provide reparations to the descendants of slaves, as their family wealth remains lower due to the theft of their labor.

But Carter Page suggested a different kind of reparations during an interview with Sean Hannity.

"Sean, it has just done so much damage to so many individuals. And yes, I have some initial legal action going right now, but I also am calling for reparations for all the other innocent Americans whose lives were put at risk, you know, like you were just talking about Mr. Schumer -- all of these lies and these threatening statements have just caused so much damage for so many people," Page said.

Conservatives have complained about Schumer's comments that Justice Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will be held to account if they rule against abortion rights.

"People do have to pay for this terrible assault on our democracy," Page concluded.