‘Worse than a war’: Italians have to put their dead on waiting lists for funerals as coronavirus rages
Coliseum Rome, Italy AFP

As the United States struggles to avoid the worst-case scenario for coronavirus, Italy is facing such a scenario right now.

According to the Washington Post and Business Insider, the death toll from coronavirus in Italy is now so high that in some parts of the country, families are having to put their dead on waiting lists.

One of the worst hit areas is the northern city of Bergamo: "There is now a waiting list for burials there. Coffins of the deceased awaiting services have overflowed two hospital morgues and a cemetery morgue, The Post reported. A video posted by Italian newspaper Il Messaggero on Sunday also shows coffins lined up in a Bergamo church." Meanwhile, a crematorium in the city is operating 24 hours a day.

In Italy, over 27,000 people have been sickened, and more than 2,100 have died.

Making matters worse, most loved ones must be buried without their families in attendance, and "only a priest and funeral home employee present," because much of the country is still under strict quarantine, cemeteries are closed, and people are not allowed to leave their house without a valid reason.

"I think it's worse than a war," said Marta Testa to The Post. "Dad is waiting to be buried. And we are here waiting to tell him goodbye." The last time she saw him was before he was taken to the hospital on March 7.