Duncan Hunter kept spending campaign money after resigning for spending campaign money on himself: report
Duncan Hunter (Fox News/screen grab)

On Wednesday, Daily Beast reporter Lachlan Markey reported that disgraced former Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) continued spending campaign money — just days after resigning from Congress for improper use of campaign money.

Two days after his resignation, on January 9, Hunter reported a $131.20 campaign expenditure at the Hawk 'n' Dove, a pub on Capitol Hill. Four days after that, his FEC disclosure stated a $715.80 expense at Landini Brothers, an upscale Italian restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia.

Hunter was indicted by federal prosecutors in 2018 after he and his wife Margaret spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on food, clothes, dental work, airfare, and trips to Europe from their campaign account, and falsified federal documents to make them look like legitimate political expenses. Leaked correspondence showed his wife advised him to classify a clothing purchase as golf balls "for the wounded warriors," and on one occasion he wrote that the Navy can "go fuck themselves" after they refused to let him tour a European base to make his vacation look like a congressional visit.

Hunter initially tried blaming the whole thing on his wife, claiming she managed the finances. But this excuse fell apart after prosecutors also detailed how he spent campaign funds on a series of sexual liaisons with lobbyists and staffers — around which time his wife began cooperating with the investigation. Hunter eventually pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to 11 months in prison.