Yappa is a new commenting system that allows Raw Story readers to have audio/video conversations about Raw Story content. For years, comment sections have been limited to text-based communication. Yappa offers a new way to communicate through audio and video commenting.

While text-only comment sections may be the norm, they’re also susceptible to toxicity. Yappa’s audio/video commenting aims to solve this problem. Yappa users take ownership of their beliefs in a unique way when they speak their mind with audio or video reactions, rather than traditional text-based comments.

To begin commenting on Raw Story with Yappa, simply register an account, record your audio or video Yap, and create new face-to-face conversations about your favorite articles online. Yappa’s following feature also allows users to build a following that moves with them across any website with Yappa installed, and alerts your friends anytime you leave a Yap on Raw Story or any other Yappa-partnered publisher.

Yappa’s goal is to build better online communities in which people communicate with authenticity and mutual respect. People turn to the internet to interact and engage with one another. As technology continues to advance, so should the way we communicate online. Yappa is paving the way for a new way to connect. For more information, head to www.YappaApp.com.