BUSTED: Trump flack Kayleigh McEnany has voted by mail 11 times in the last 10 years
RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany on MSNBC

Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany this week echoed President Donald Trump's statements that allowing everyone to vote by mail would result in an unprecedented surge in "voter fraud."

However, a review conducted by the Tampa Bay Times has found that McEnany herself has voted by mail a total of 11 times in the past decade alone.

"In fact, the Tampa native has voted by mail in every Florida election she has participated in since 2010," the Tampa Bay Times has found. "Most recently, she voted by mail in the state’s March 2020 presidential primary, just as Trump did after he made Florida his new permanent home."

McEnany recently excused Trump voting by mail on the grounds that "he's the president" and it would not be realistic for him to fly home to his home state just to cast a ballot.

However, McEnany's own history of voting by mail predates her emergence as a national political figure, let alone the White House press secretary.

McEnany also encouraged her Twitter followers just one day ago to "get the facts" about mail-in ballots and demanded that the media "acknowledge these real concerns with mass mail-in voting."