CNN’s Don Lemon demands ‘urgency’ of justice for George Floyd: ‘How much more video do they need?’
CNN's Don Lemon (screengrab)

On CNN Thursday, host Don Lemon made a furious call for justice in the George Floyd case.

"How much more video do they need? I kept saying, is this some sort of a joke?" said Lemon. "Great, get more evidence. But from the evidence they have, there appears to be no area on tape anywhere, from any witness, that Mr. Floyd was resisting arrest in any way. So people want to know, these officers, one of them with 18 complaints against them, I think 16 still open, another one that had 6. I know people complain and it's false sometimes, but 18 complaints. Are they going to be arrested or are they not? Is the justice system going to work with these officers the way it works with the general public?"

"As long as we are being honest right now, nobody wants to hear from the White House or the attorney general right now," continued Lemon. "No one wants to hear from the man who wanted the death penalty to come back. No one wants to hear from the man who says that the former president was not born in this country. No one wants to hear from the man who said there are very fine people on both sides. Do you understand what I am saying? No one wants to hear from the person they perceive as contributing to situations like this in this society. Not directly, but allowing people to think they can get away from this. No one wants to hear from the birther-in-chief, from the 'sons of b*tches' calling person who says that athletes who are kneeling for this very reason."

"Why don't you have the same urgency that you have for all those people out there, most of them protesting, but some who are out there who are actually ravaging and pillaging, burning down stores?" said Lemon. "I don't know if it's by accident or what. Raiding stores. Okay, fine, that should not happen. But how about the urgency for telling those people to calm down, and we need peace, how about that same urgency for people being abused by police officers, being racially abused in this country? I understand the anger of the people upset in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I don't condone the actions. I don't understand the actions, but I understand the anger."

Watch below: