Here's why the new Arbery arrest is damning for Georgia investigators: CNN
CNN legal analyst Laura Coates. Image via screengrab.

On Thursday, CNN legal analyst Laura Coates broke down why the new arrest of William Roddie Bryan, the alleged filmer of the Ahmaud Arbery shooting, looks so problematic for Georgia investigators.

"What do you make about how this unfolded, dramatically and quickly, even though there have been a couple months between the shooting and the time of the arrests of the father and son, and now Bryan?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"Well, this tells you the accelerated pace which they were able the determine there was probable cause to make these arrests," said Coates. "Imagine the comparison, when it took more than 80 days for the official two — the father and son, Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael, to be arrested. If they were able to have all of this evidence closer in time to the actual killing of Ahmaud Arbery, one would be able — you would be able to draw the same conclusions closer to the time."

"It tells you there is the need for the Department of Justice at least in part, to resolve, to review the prosecutorial conduct in this case to assess whether there is any bias and undue influence exerted to put a thumb on the scale of justice in favor of the McMichaels, in favor of Bryan, and against the best interests of the family of Ahmaud Arbery," added Coates.

Watch below: