'This is not going to end': Van Jones says the public doesn't trust local authorities to deliver justice
CNN's Van Jones discusses Trump's authoritarianism/Screenshot

On CNN Friday, commentator Van Jones discussed where the George Floyd case currently stands — and what must happen to ensure the peace.

"This particular medical examiner's report reminds me of the 1990s, where there was this thing called 'sudden in-custody death syndrome,'" said Jones. "Things just got so sudden that the person died. It almost began to feel like a collaboration or collusion between law enforcement and the medical examiners to come up with stuff that kind of watered down the role of the police. If hypertension is going to become an excuse for what happened here, African-Americans including myself have hypertension at epidemic rates."

"I've been in communication with people on the ground there," continued Jones. "People feel badly about the idea that this is manslaughter and third degree murder. It may be the smarter move, it may be easier to prove up, and that may be the right course. But the way it has landed is a slap on the wrist already. The assumption is you're going to plead down from that and that there's not any seriousness about this. Also, the other officers are accessories. If you or I did what is being described, if you or I held somebody down by the neck and other people told us to stop, we would be accessories to a crime."

"So no, this is not going to end," said Jones. "That's why you're seeing the cry going up to let Keith Ellison, the attorney general, get in this. He has ties to the Black community, they want the state to step in, they don't trust this medical examiner. There should be an independent medical examination by the family. Nobody will trust the DA until we see all four of those officers in handcuffs, with real charges."

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