Trump's new anti-Twitter order could blow up in conservatives' faces: Top right-wing media personality
Donald Trump speaks from Oval Office at the White House (Fox News/screen grab)

President Donald Trump's new executive order that's aimed at opening social media companies up to more lawsuits could seriously backfire on conservative critics of the platforms, writes one top right-wing media personality.

In analyzing the reported contents of Trump's new order, conservative Ben Shapiro warns that stripping websites' immunity for the content posted on their pages by third parties could seriously damage conservative media in the future.

"Here's the inevitable effect of destroying [Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act]: all comments sections will be taken down," writes Shapiro. "No website has the resources to actively edit all comments in order to shield themselves from liability, and no website is willing to leave comments entirely standards-free."

Shapiro also questioned why conservatives believe that giving the government broader regulatory powers over websites wouldn't come back to haunt them.

"The invitation to redefine 'unfair business practices' to include comment-policing-based lawsuits will likely not end well for conservatives," he argues. "I see the appeal, but I'm wondering just why conservatives are suddenly so unconcerned about political bias among regulators."