‘Bowling Green Massacre!’: Kellyanne Conway mocked after hypocritically demanding reporters fact-check Bolton’s book
Kellyanne Conway (Screen Grab)

Kellyanne Conway says reporters are responsible for fact-checking books that are published, especially former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton's book, due to be released June 23. Many are mocking the Counselor to the President, whose lies and false claims could themselves likely fill a book.

"I really do worry that there's very little fact-checking in these books," Conway told reporters outside the White House Wednesday. "I've seen ones that have been completely wrong, I've seen quotes attributed to somebody when it was obviously somebody else in a private meeting who said it."

"I know that you're all for 'fact-checking,'" Conway, pumping both fists, said, apparently sarcastically.

"I hope you'll all apply that to all types of work – it's not just about the Bolton book, because you haven't in the past, there have been many errors in all these books that, as long as they're scintillating – as long as they don't get the story they get the President and the people around him, we just go with it we go with it, 'that's something that's Simon & Schuster's problem,'" she alleged, roping Bolton's publisher in to her criticism.

"No, it's your problem independently. You need to make sure that those facts are right, also," Conway said, as if she were the reporters' boss.

Conway has recoiled when asked uncomfortable questions, and makes certain to attack the press whenever possible, while refusing to take any criticism seriously.

On social media many were quick to point out Conway's lies and mistruths.