Fox News abandons vehicle in Seattle protest zone after hitting Black man: report
Fox News allegedly abadoned a vehicle after hitting a man protesting in Seattle (Converge Media/Facebook/screen grab)

Activists in Seattle said on Monday that a Fox News team hit at least one protester with a vehicle.

The incident was said to have occurred inside Seattle's Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone.

"A Fox News reporter shoved a woman in CHOP," one witness wrote on Twitter. "Protestors surround her to protect and demand an apology from the reporter and in response this individual laughed. They have now abandoned their vehicle."

According to the report, "the reporter and camera man actively drove into a black male protestor" while trying to flee the scene.

Video captured by Converge Media showed a black truck abandoned in a crosswalk in the protest area.

"I came in front of the car and he kept driving!" a protester explained to Converge Media. "He would not stop his car. This is a crosswalk. I'm pressing charges. Assault with a vehicle. That's a deadly weapon. I'm suing Fox News. You're going to pay this Black man."

Following publication, Fox News released a statement.

"While covering the news just outside of Seattle’s CHOP zone this morning, a protestor confronted FOX News Channel correspondent Dan Springer and his crew after overhearing him cancel a live report due to ‘filthy language’ in the background. The protestor started yelling at him and threw a cup of coffee in his face and on his jacket," VP Nancy Harmeyer claimed. "Attempting to de-escalate the situation, the crew returned to their vehicle, which was then surrounded by protestors. Unable to drive away, the crew turned the car off and walked away from the scene. At no point during the situation did the FOX News crew ever physically instigate or retaliate in any way against the protestors.”

Watch the video and read some of the reports below from Twitter.