‘Irresponsible’ Fox LA reporter mocked for getting suckered by police union: ‘Earned your Copaganda Badge’
Fox LA's Bill Melugin (screengrab)

Bill Melugin of Fox LA was ridiculed on Tuesday after a story he pushed fell apart.

On Monday evening, Melugin tweeting a story crazy story, complete with a quote from the LAPD police union.

The story immediately struck many people as absurd, especially in light of the fake Shake Shack poisoning that was pushed by New York police unions.

And then the story began to fall apart.

Women called BS on the story.

And then the story unraveled further when it reveals the off-duty officer was not in uniform.

Then the Starbucks was inside a Target store and the company released a statement that they found "no suspicious behavior" after reviewing surveillance footage.

Melugin was harshly mocked for believing the police union claims. Here's some of what people were saying: