'Is he high?': Trump criticized for 'low energy' Rose Garden event filled with 'lies'
Trump speaking in Rose Garden (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump was criticized as being "low energy" during his Rose Garden announcement on police brutality Tuesday.

After meeting with the families of some of the people of color killed by police, Trump welcomed officers, but not the families, to a press event to announce his executive order. It sparked questions as to why the families didn't attend and if they were invited or if they refused to support Trump's new policy.

But Trump soon riffed on the protests, attacking them as rioters and looters. He followed by bragging about the stimulus bill that Democrats worked to negotiate with Senate Republicans and Steve Mnuchin.

He then tried to claim that "school choice" was all about civil rights so families can bus children miles away instead of mandating that all schools in all communities be improved and equalized. He went on to call it the biggest civil rights issue of our time, ignoring the actual Civil Rights Movement.

When he began rambling about the coronavirus, Trump said that the people working on the cure are the same people who made the vaccine for AIDS. There is no vaccine for AIDS.

He then took a moment to blast President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for "never trying" to fix the policing problem, which PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor fact-checked as untrue.

In fact, Trump tore down the Obama administration's work on police reform.

"Under Obama, 14 consent decrees were enforced upon troubled and discriminatory police agencies. By contrast, none have been issued in the more than three years of the Trump administration," said The Guardian.

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