‘Trump comes off like a needy supplicant’ in Bolton’s book – told Xi ‘I miss you’ and ‘make sure I win’: report
US President Donald Trump called his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping his "friend" but accused Beijing of reneging on key promises

A scathing review of an un-redacted copy of John Bolton's soon-to-be released book about his time in the Trump White House reveals "why the White House tried to keep Trump’s words secret," Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman writes. Those words "are deeply embarrassing and illustrate Trump’s naked politicization of America’s foreign policy."

The copy of Bolton’s new tell-all memoir that Sherman saw has "deeply embarrassing" passages the Trump White House demanded be removed.

Just how embarrassing?

"Bolton renders Trump’s interactions with President Xi in vivid detail. In the passages, Trump comes off like a needy supplicant," Sherman reveals.

In one passage, "Bolton writes that Trump told Xi on a phone call ahead of their G20 meeting: 'I miss you,' and then said, 'this is totally up to you, but the most popular thing I’ve ever been involved with is making a deal with China.… Making a deal with China would be a very popular thing for me.’ "

Trump’s ask is even more crudely shocking when you read Trump’s specific language. “Make sure I win,” Trump allegedly told Xi during a dinner at the G20 conference in Osaka, Japan last summer. “I will probably win anyway, so don’t hurt my farms.… Buy a lot of soybeans and wheat and make sure we win.”

It appears these un-redacted items are what the Trump White House has said are classified.