Tulsa lawsuit asks court to require 'mandatory' face masks at potentially 'deadly' Trump rally
Milwaukee, Wisconsin / USA - January 14th, 2020: Many supporters of 45th United States American President Donald Trump attended the Make America Great Again Rally at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena.

A lawsuit filed by attorneys in Oklahoma seeks to prevent President Donald Trump's campaign from causing a "super spreader" event by holding a rally in Tulsa later this month without proper safety precautions.

Venue management company ASM Global is named as a defendant in the lawsuit. The filing asks the court to require health measures like facial masks if the event goes forward.

"Plaintiffs seek limited relief based on Oklahoma's public nuisance laws," the complaint states. "Plaintiffs merely seek a court order requiring ASM Global to institute appropriate social distancing protocols for the June 20 event, including the mandatory use of face masks and social distancing rules for all guests and employees, as recommended by state, local, and federal authorities, and by every credible and qualified medical expert who has studied this issue. Simply put, this Court should order ASM Global to follow the same rules that any other individual or business desiring to host a mass-gathering indoor event in Tulsa County would be required to follow."

The rally is scheduled to be held on June 20 at the BOK Center. The Trump campaign has said that face masks and hand sanitizer will be distributed but not required.