WATCH: Louisiana pastor names and shames parishioners for staying home during COVID-19 crisis
Tim Deason screenshot

A video, discovered on YouTube by the Friendly Atheist's Hemant Mehta, shows a pastor in Sugartown, Louisiana naming and shaming absent parishioners of his church for not showing up for his live sermons during the coronavirus pandemic, and then warning they "must be faithful to the House of God."

In the video filmed at the Sugartown United Pentecostal Church on Sunday, Pastor Tim Deason haranguing attendees, saying that he expects their children to also attend Sunday school, but first he called out the those who stayed home by naming them one-by-one, pointing out that one family was on vacation while complaining that another's children were not attending.

Then he issued a warning to those who did show up.

"I’m your pastor. So let me address you this morning. You must be faithful to the House of God. Everybody say amen," he stated. "This is not a one-service church, [that] means that you take a service on Sunday morning, and we established this quite some times ago. When we have a service, then the doors are open -- we need to be in church."

"You need church, you need church," he insisted. "Why do I get up here sometimes fussing and complaining? I’m trying to get you to heaven -- hallelujah. I’m gonna talk a little bit about that. I guess the Lord just knew you was (sic) gonna be here this morning. I want people to go on vacation, I do. But I don’t just want folks to stay home. If you’re not teaching your family faithfulness, you’re not exhibiting more of that attributes of God."

You can read more transcription here and watch the video below: