WATCH: White man fires his gun at George Floyd rally in Boise – and then gets arrested
Image via Facebook.

On Tuesday, KTVB reported that a man from Garden City, Idaho has been arrested after firing a gun at the state house in Boise during a protest of the police killing of George Floyd.

"According to Boise police spokeswoman Haley Williams, the shot was fired into the ground. No one was injured and police are investigating the shooting 'as an unintentional or accidental discharge,'" said the report. "Michael Wallace, 18, was booked into the Ada County Jail on a misdemeanor charge of discharge of a firearm in city limits. He has since posted bond and been released."

The report continued: "The protest continued to be calm and there have been no other acts of violence, Williams told KTVB. Two apparently opposing groups were protesting when the shot was fired."

Watch the aftermath of the incident here: