Woman coughs on a baby after hearing mother speak Spanish
Mireya Mora (KGO)

California police are seeking a woman who intentionally coughed on a baby after hearing the child's mother speak Spanish.

The woman was wearing a mask while waiting in line Friday at Yogurtland in San Jose when she got into an argument with the boy's mother for standing too close, reported KGO-TV.

"It happened so quick I was in shock. She got close, she took off her mask, and she coughed three times super hard on my son's face," said Mireya Mora.

The mother believes the woman became angry because she spoke Spanish.

"I believe this woman may be racist because the family in front of her is white," Mora said. "Me and my grandma are Hispanic, and she started telling me about my distance and harassing me and my son once I started speaking Spanish to my grandma."

Mora said the woman pulled down her mask and intentionally coughed on her 1-year-old son during the coronavirus pandemic.

"She did it on purpose," Mora said. "It's not like she did it on accident -- oh, cough, cough - no, she purposely coughed on my son's face."

The suspect is a white woman in her 60s, and police said she was now wanted on an assault charge that carries a possible six-month sentence.