Dr Fauci's boss baffled at Trump's attempts to undermine him: 'Losing his leadership is unthinkable'
Anthony Fauci, who leads research into infectious diseases at the National Institutes of Health. (AFP)

Speaking to STAT News this Thursday, the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) gave his thoughts on the adversarial stance against Dr. Anthony Fauci coming from the White House, saying that the idea of removing him from his post on the coronavirus task force would be "unimaginable."

“This is a remarkable scientist who has led NIH’s efforts in infectious disease with great distinction for more than 30 years, and who continues to be our lead in vaccines and therapeutics for Covid-19,” Dr. Francis Collins said. “The idea of losing that leadership at this critical moment for our nation is unthinkable.”

Collins was then asked how he'd respond if asked by President Trump to dismiss Fauci. According to STAT, “Collins only laughed” and said, “I think you heard my answer.”