'I didn't do nothing!' New York police tackle and Taser Black protester for getting in officer's face
New York police Taser and arrest Black man (Twitter/screen grab)

Police in Brooklyn were seen tackling and then firing a Taser at a Black man who shouted in an officer's face.

Video shared by journalist Scooter Caster shows a white officer yelling at a Black man.

When the Black man shouts back, another officer runs toward the man and tackles him.

After the man returns to his feet, the first officer fires a Taser, knocking the man back to the ground.

"Oh, he's going to lose his job," one protester notes.

Within seconds, officers restrain the man as he objects.

"You Tased me!" the man screams. "I didn't do nothing!"

At one point, the man warns officers that he believes his arm is being broken by the use of excessive force.

As the video ends, the man is taken into custody.

In a tweet, New York Attorney General Letitia James encouraged protesters to "report this and send this video to my office."

Watch the video below.