Journalists and watchdogs say DHS agents pepper sprayed and shot at them -- despite judge’s order: report
Alleged DHS agents in Portland (screengrab)

According to a report from BuzzFeed News, journalists and legal observers on the ground observing the unrest in Portland say they were shot at and had pepper spray deployed against them — all actions that are in violation of a federal judge’s order.

"US District Judge Michael Simon entered a temporary restraining order on July 23 that blocks federal officers from arresting or using physical force against clearly marked journalists and legal observers in Portland," BuzzFeed reports. "In first-person declarations filed in court on Tuesday, legal observers and reporters described being shot at and maced, and in some instances provided video footage of the incidents."

Lawyers representing the journalists and legal observers want the US Department of Homeland Security and US Marshals Service in contempt of court.

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