Republican's rant about 'intolerance' because he doesn't want to wear a mask was plagiarized from trans official
Rep. Russ Diamond (Photo: Screen capture)

As if Russ Diamond's rant about the harassment he's endured by wearing a mask wasn't bad enough, it appears he copied it almost word-for-word from an LGBTQ Pride letter from Pennsylvania health secretary Dr. Rachel Levine.

Tuesday, Dr. Levine broke her silence about the attacks she's received as a transgender official in the state.

“I want to emphasize that while these individuals may think they are only expressing their displeasure with me, they are in fact hurting the thousands of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians who suffer directly from these current demonstrations of harassment,” Levine told the press during a COVID-19 briefing. “Your actions perpetuate a spirit of intolerance and discrimination against LGBTQ individuals and specifically transgender individuals.”

She then tweeted this

Diamond's statement changed Dr. Levine's statement to be about not wearing a mask.

“I feel that I must personally respond to the multiple incidents of harassment and specifically hate and intolerance directed at me that have not necessarily been reported in the press, but are rampant across social media and the internet,” Diamond said in a statement released Wednesday.

Read Diamond's full statement here.