Woman at Home Depot cites ‘white power’ as reason she’s ‘entitled’ not to wear a mask

In a video posted to Twitter that reportedly took place in Illinois, a white woman held up her phone to keep from being filmed not wearing a mask while standing in line at Home Depot -- then telling her accuser that she is "white, a woman and entitled."

In the video, the woman can be seen using her phone to block her face from being seen, at one time giving her filmer the finger, and twice during the encounter, she reaches out to knock the other phone away.

The incident began after she was called out for not wearing a mask and, at first, she refused to speak, later saying that she is "white" and therefore "entitled."

After later admitting that she "believes in white power," the woman filming her accuses her of being a "disgusting, racist piece of trash."

Watch below: