Michael Cohen's book will expose multiple documented incidents of 'Trump criminality': ex-White House official
Michael Cohen and Donald Trump/MSNBC screen shot

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, former Whole House Communications shop head Anthony Scaramucci gave another preview of former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's upcoming tell-all book, saying it will expose the "repetitiveness" of the president's criminality -- and that the jailed attorney has documents to back up his claims.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Scaramucci was asked what other details he could divulge from the book that is scheduled to be released before the election.

Saying the book will expose "rank criminality," the former aide to the president continued. "Steep, steep immorality backed up by evidence. It is not like Michael is going to say this and the White House is going to discredit him and 'say he has a problem in the court system and he went to prison.'"

"He is going to back it up with documentary evidence to show the level of illegality, the repetitiveness of the illegality, and I tweeted out earlier this morning that the betrayal to the country is astonishing," he continued.  "So that information originally, unfortunately, he's done a very good job of over the last three years of capping that information. We are getting to his re-election and all of this information is going to be coming out and Michael's book will be a very big cornerstone of that."

"Can I say something?" he added. "If it's a bunch of lies that he shows up with the documentary evidence that he literally just shows the paperwork behind that,  just curious what the White House will say to that."

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