'Frantic' Trump freaking out because polls show Biden will win with a landslide: WaPo columnist
US President Donald Trump, pictured on July 8, has assailed Britain's US ambassador as a "pompous fool" and slammed outgoing premier Theresa May's "foolish" policies following a leak of unflattering diplomatic cables. (AFP/File / NICHOLAS KAMM)

During an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," longtime Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said the "floor has fallen out from under" Donald Trump as his re-election hopes grow increasingly distant and a Joe Biden landslide appears imminent.

With "Morning Joe" co-panelist Jonathan Lemire noting that the president has not done any on-camera appearances all week, choosing to do call-ins to Fox News instead, Robinson said the president is not in good shape both healthwise and politically.

With MSNBC host Joe Scarborough quoting from a Robinson column saying "president's unmoored behavior is only going to get worse," Robinson conceded everyone should be nervous about what the president will do next.

"I don't just fear it," Robinson began. "I mean, you can see it and, you know, at the moment you don't know if this is, in fact, being boosted by the steroid Dexamethasone that gives people the energy and this euphoria and frankly makes them a little crazy a lot of the time."

"It's ramping up," he continued. "He looks at the polls, he sees that he's not just losing, he's losing badly and it looks as if the floor has fallen out from under him. I mean, the numbers we were -- we have seen over the past week -- have been landslide numbers for Joe Biden and, you know, maybe they will regress to the mean at some point and the race will go back to where it was but where it was is, you know, a seven or eight-point lead for Biden and Trump -- he's frantic about this."

"So, you know, calling yesterday morning for his predecessor and his opponent and his previous opponent to be arrested by his -- and lambasting his attorney general for not getting that done," he continued. "Lambasting his secretary of state for not properly persecuting Hillary Clinton, and you know, expressing the disappointment in the head of the FBI that he installed, for not getting this job done."

"This is not the America that we thought, at least, we were living in and that we thought was our country and this just has to end" he added. "But it's going to get worse. It's going to get more frantic and it will be a test of all of these next four weeks."

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