Trump campaign tells Minnesota police union to get retired cops to be 'Poll Challengers'
Police officers in riot gear. Image via Shutterstock.

President Donald Trump's ongoing efforts to suppress voters are taking things to the next level in Minnesota, where his campaign is demanding the police union gather retired cops who will be "poll challengers."

The Star Tribune reported Wednesday that the campaign is looking for about 20-30 former police offivers to work either a four or eight-hour shift in what they call "problem area(s)."

"Poll Challengers do not "stop" people, per se, but act as our eyes and ears in the field and call our hotline to document fraud. We don't necessarily want our Poll Challengers to look intimidating; they cannot carry a weapon in the polls due to state law...we just want people who won't be afraid in rough neighborhoods or intimidating situations," the email says.

Voter intimidation is against the law.

The Minneapolis Police Chief was forced to issue a statement telling officers that they must "remain apolitical in our service and our department policies and values apply to us whether we are on or off duty."

Trump's team was looking as far away as Tennessee for "poll challengers." A company was even forced to withdraw their job postings for "ex-special forces personnel to guard polling places in Minnesota" after the ad turned into legal problems for the Trump campaign.

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