Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago billed taxpayers $3 -- for a glass of water
Trump drinks water with two hands during 60 minutes interview (Photo: Screen capture)

How much have President Donald Trump's businesses been nickel-and-diming American taxpayers?

So much that his Mar-a-Lago resort sent a bill in which they asked to be reimbursed $3 for every glass of water they served during a bilateral summit with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The Washington Post reports that the $3-per-glass-of-water bill was part of a larger bill in which Mar-a-Lago asked the government to pay "$13,700 for guest rooms, $16,500 for food and wine and $6,000 for the roses and other floral arrangements" while hosting Abe.

And these revelations about payments to Mar-a-Lago are just the tip of the iceberg, as Post reporter David Fahrenthold has found that the government has paid at least $2.5 million to Trump properties since 2017.

"Trump’s company has charged taxpayers for hotel rooms, ballrooms, cottages, rental houses, golf carts, votive candles, floating candles, candelabras, furniture moving, resort fees, decorative palm trees, strip steak, chocolate cake, breakfast buffets, $88 bottles of wine and $1,000 worth of liquor for White House aides," the Post writes. "In addition, Trump’s campaign and fundraising committee paid $5.6 million to his companies since his inauguration in January 2017."

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