WATCH: 'Stunningly ignorant' Trump supporters get tricked into thanking Satan for the president
Tomi Lahren and Corey Lewandowski (screen grab)

Comedy writer Ali-Asghar Abedi has contributed to various media outlets, including PBS, The New York Times and The Independent, but his latest stunt involved a bit of creativity and a lot of celebrity ignorance. Abedi  cleverly pranked former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Fox News host Tomi Lahren, former Trump aide and right-wing radio host Sebastian Gorka, and controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio into thanking Satan for President Donald J. Trump - on camera.

Lewandowski, Lahren, Gorka, and Arpaio were led to believe they were thanking someone named "Ebliz" for supporting Trump, but they were mistaken.

“I spelled it ‘Ebliz’ and laid out the pronunciation as ‘ibb-lease.’ But [I] figured mentioning that Iblis is Arab should have been a cue to vet the request with someone who knows Arabic," Abedi said.

Iblis is a figure in the Quran that means "Satan."

Speaking with HuffPost, Abedi said that he had paid Lewandowski and Lahren both $80 to record the message, and Arpaio $30. Gorka’s fee had been $45, but since Gorka ended up recording the message after the deadline, Abedi ended up paying nothing. He'd originally had Trump confidant and convicted felon Roger Stone on the prank list, but Stone “never took the bait despite multiple attempts.”

“They’re grifters who are stunningly ignorant and have no curiosity,” Abed said. “I left clues for them. I told them that Iblis was Arab American. If they had a sense of the world beyond MAGA, they’d research what Iblis means in an Arab context. I guess they’re true adherents to capitalism, placing money ahead of their own dignity.”

Watch the video below.