BUSTED: Pennsylvania Republicans caught only wearing masks for a photo-op
Composite images of different Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus pictures posted to Facebook.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Kerry Benninghoff was caught with his hand in the proverbial candy jar Tuesday when a photo-op went viral for inconsistencies. One of the photos, shared on Facebook, showed the members responsibly wearing their masks. The other picture, which was also shared on Facebook, but by a different member, showed the same grouping, but this time without their masks.

"I thank my fellow Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus members for entrusting me with another term as House Majority Leader," Benninghoff shared on Facebook. "I also congratulate my fellow House Republican leaders on receiving the faith and confidence of their fellow members as we look to tackle the important issues remaining before us in this session and the next."

Rep. Martin Causer posted a picture from the same photo-op showing the same Republicans, just maskless while not social distancing.